Abstract oil painting is a fun and exciting way to splash some color into your interior décor. These intelligently themed art pieces allow artists to demonstrate their artistic flare and express their personality through the strokes of paint on canvas. Moreover, oil paintings are a popular choice due to their endurance and longevity. In fact, it is argued that these types of paintings age like fine wine as they never date or lose their aesthetic appeal.
If you are looking to revamp your space by adding some character and color, then there are numerous art online for you to choose. However, with such great options and easy accessibility it can get quite frustrating and time consuming before you settle on the ideal art piece that will satisfy you.
To help you in making a good purchase, here are four key things that you should decide on when shopping;
1. Color coordination
Abstract oil paintings usually feature bold colors that are quite distinctive. When choosing such paintings, therefore, it is important that you consider the color theme on your walls, furniture and other decorative pieces in the room.
If you are going to display the painting in a room with minimalist furniture and dull colored walls, then you should opt for a multicolored piece. Such an art will easily double up as a centerpiece as well as a source of inspiration in the room.
On the other hand, if the room has a lot of colorful features then you can minimize the noise with a simple yet unique painting that will break the monotony.
2. Orientation of the painting
You will also have to decide whether you want your art in landscape or portrait form. The two major factors that will influence your decision is the size of space you have and the location you want to display it.
If you have a spacious room with empty walls, then you would want to consider a landscape painting that will take up some space. On the other hand if you have a number of wall hangings or squeezed up area, go with a portrait painting that is compact and fits in well.
3. Centerpiece or multiple painting
Most abstract oil painting dealers will always give you the option of choosing between a centerpiece wall hanging and multiple pieces per set painting. If you want to fill up the wall, then a three pieces or 4 pieces per set painting is an excellent choice. Alternatively, a centerpiece hanging should be the primary focus; hence, it will usually be a large or oversized painting.
4. Type of print and frame
Last but not least is making the decision on whether you want your oil painting on canvas or art paper. You will also have to choose the type of frame. There are majorly three ways to hang a picture, either in a typical frame, gallery wrap or unframed in a tube. Your choice will depend on your character expression.
The good thing about shopping for painting is that you can always ask for recommendations and guides from artists and expert dealers. If you are shopping online for abstract oil painting in Australia, then you should consider consulting with Cray Fish – a fine art dealer in 100% hand painted Australian art pieces offering the best affordable prices. They will help you get what you need and want.

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