How can independent medical examinations help

It is a common practice among corporate organisations to take the help of renowned medical experts under various situations in respect of their employees’ physical and mental health. These could be under both positive and negative circumstances. On the positive side, if a company has to promote one among three executives to a higher position and if the management makes a decision in favour of anyone,  the other two may feel aggrieved. To make the process more transparent and unbiased, the company may take the help of a professional psychologist to conduct independent medical examinations and send the report. This report can then be used to choose the best among the three. This way, the management is able to stay above criticism and demoralisation of the two executives who missed out. If properly handled, these executives can be convinced to continue working with the same commitment as before.

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Other Circumstances for Clinical Assessments

On the other side, there may be companies where the management might keep receiving complaints about a particular employee on matters relating to his/her behaviour. If the suspicion is that the employee could be under the influence of drugs or into excessive drinking, then again, the independent clinic could be asked to make drug and alcohol assessments and send a report on the employee’s actual conditions. Here again, if the company’s rules don’t allow an employee to come to the place of work in an inebriated condition, or if he is taking drugs, then the report by the clinic helps in taking the disciplinary action without the employee tying to scuttle such action or even contemplating any legal action.

Independent medical examinations are also extensively relied upon by many reputed companies to make impartial assessments on any psychiatric injury claims by any of their staff due to the pressure of work. Some employees holding certain senior positions within an organisation might be under stress and among them, a few might find it difficult to cope with such stress. While the management may claim that the employee has accepted the assignment in the full knowledge of the work pressure involved, the employee is also within his or her rights to raise the issue. When an independent, professionally qualified and experienced psychiatrist does an examination of that individual and submits a report to the company management, the situation becomes clear. The report may be shared with the employee also, and suitable actions initiated. Check out SURE Psychology.

Almost the same applies to psychological injury claims too. As in the case above, there may be employees who can claim that the work-related  pressure has led them to a state of depression or anxiety, and they need to undergo treatment for that. After the independent medical examinations, if indeed the claim is genuine, the management may request the professional to provide appropriate treatment to the employee at the company’s cost and rehabilitate the employee by posting him or her on a lighter assignment.

In all this, the medical practitioner and the clinic run by him/her are quite useful. They need to remain neutral and make a professional assessment of the condition of the person referred to them and submit a genuine report. Visit them online at

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