Unique role of GPs in providing health care

Apart from food and housing, proper medical care is one of the basic necessities in this modern world. Increasing instances of ailments such as high blood pressure and diabetes have necessitated constant medical attention. You will have to visit a Brisbane city doctor for a routine medical checkup so as to make a proper assessment of your health. Such medical checkup can be made by the General Practitioner (GP).

According to a publication from the University of Western Australia, the health care in Australia is divided into three categories namely tertiary care, secondary care and primary care.

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Types of medical care:

While the tertiary care is provided in the public hospitals, the secondary care which is a specialized care is provided in private hospitals. The primary care is provided at the community or local level. Normally, the primary care centres are manned by a Brisbane city doctor.

Need for a routine medical care:

On the other hand, with increasing instances of ailments like blood pressure and diabetes, the number of people visiting the Brisbane city doctor for a routine medical checkup has also increased considerably. However, in reality, you find despite the need for a periodical medical checkup, many of the patients fail to visit the doctor owing to their busy schedule.

Primary health clinics:

For the benefit of such people, several primary health clinics have been established almost in every city of Australia. These primary health clinics, in turn, have established several branches within the city so as to provide easy access to the patients located in various parts of the city.

Network connection:

Each of these primary health clinics has been connected by network services. The health diary of the patient can be accessed in any branch of the Brisbane city medical centre. The patient can visit any of the branches of the hospital. With the branches being connected by the network, the doctor will be able to get a complete medical history of the patient and provide appropriate treatment.


For your routine health check up you may visit any of the general practitioners (GP) instead of consulting a specialist. Although the primary health clinics have qualified GPs, you can exercise your option in choosing a GP of your choice. For this purpose, the Government of Australia has established a unique Australian General Practice Network (AGPN) wherein you will find a list of doctors Brisbane city has and practicing in different localities along with their area of specialization, language spoken, contact number and so on.

Code of conduct for doctors:

Further, in order to ensure quality service to the patients, the Government of Australia has instituted a series of codes of conduct for doctors. Every doctor is bound to scrupulously follow the code of conduct.

Growing importance of GPs

According to a report published by the Melbourne Institute of Health Sector, in the next 10 years, Australia will be in need of about 10000 doctors city wide, which include GPs as well. This report also highlights the growing importance of GPs in this competitive world.

GPs in primary health clinics:

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